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Who We Are

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The CEBD School of Practical Learning proudly offers educational and pre-construction management services to its clients. Our pre-construction services include planning and coordination, procurement, estimating, scheduling, value engineering, and more. This is a project-specific strategy used to help contractors, developers, and all other consultants working on a specific construction project collaborate and communicate efficiently and effectively before actual construction begins. This ensures under-budget and under time-frame success every time.


We also offer construction estimating and project management courses in order to educate those interested in entering the expanding construction industry. We teach the skills necessary to become an Estimator, Assistant Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Construction Superintendent, or even start their own construction business. In just four months, our students will gain a competitive advantage and be able to start a new career or enhance their current careers in the construction industry.

Our Values

At CEBD, we value precision and efficiency. We work to meet all our clients’ needs in as fast a time as possible to ensure satisfaction. We teach all of our students the essential knowledge they need to be successful in the construction industry. We do not want our students to merely start a new job; we want them to start a long lasting career. Guided by these values, our company is able to produce quality work.  



President, A Vournou Construction Management Group


Program Director

MS Civil Engineering


Project Executive, E&A Restoration Inc.


Senior Estimator, E&A Restoration Inc.

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