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We spread construction related education by offering various educational programs/Construction Estimating & Project Management courses. The courses are very useful to General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Developers, Construction Managers, Project Financing Companies, Procurement Directors, Government Agencies and all those who seek a career in the construction industry. We have a unique way of teaching, our focus is to teach exactly what is required in the industry not unnecessary theories. The lecturers are a group of engineers, estimators and business development professionals currently working as Chief Estimators, Senior Estimators, Purchasing Directors or Business Development Officials with reputable employers. We also invite visiting lecturers who are principals of large construction companies.

Job Placement

We offer free job placement service to all those qualified students who seek employment. There are always numerous job openings in the construction industry, the employers are desperate to find suitable candidates who can start at junior level positions of estimators, project managers, construction managers, or procurement directors etc. We receive inquiries from prospective employers on every work day looking to hire our qualified students. Over the past few months our database of aforementioned employers has jumped from a small count to almost 200. We cannot feed the requirements of the industry because we admit only seven (7) students per session (AM/PM). More than 60% of the students who belong to one of the following categories do not require the job placement service:


  •  Self employed individuals who joined the institute to upgrade their knowledge.

  •  Students sponsored by their employers.

  •  Children of owners of construction companies who wanted to learn before joining family business.

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