Construction Estimating & PROJECT MANAGEMENT


Construction Courses: Leading to career of Construction Estimator,  Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Construction Superintendent or even start your own Construction Business. Four months duration-see attached calendar for the term starting January 4, 2022
 Your Choice learn online (virtual) 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM or in class in Syosset NY 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Mon thru FRI): Virtual means-you share the computer screen of the lecturer while sitting at home. Also you may ask questions and get answers while communicating face to face like sitting in a classroom.
Note: (1) Since we admit only 6 students/session (AM/PM) , admission is very competitive as such submit your application as early as possible.
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The construction industry rolls over billions of dollars annually through new construction and alterations to existing structures. Entry-level salaries of estimators start at an average of $52,000, and you have the ability to make as much as $225,000 with five to ten years' experience. Our job placement team will help our students, new to the industry, find competitive jobs that are a great start to their career.

All of the courses at CEBD are taught by current high-level construction professionals. We pride ourselves on the fact that all of our courses cover only the essentials for a career in construction and do not teach any unnecessary theories. As such, employers value the students who come out of our programs. We encourage recent high school graduates interested in construction to come and train with us instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a liberal arts education and being left unemployed or working odd-jobs. With a high school diploma and four months with us, our students will be able to enter the work force much earlier and by investing proportionately much less money in their education.


Entry Level Courses (ELC1 thru ELC4)-See attached description of courses.

The entry level courses are an in-depth introduction to construction estimating for anyone who is new to the industry. It is highly suggested that students complete both Entry Level Courses and Advanced Level Courses (see below) before entering the construction industry. Our upcoming Entry Level Courses for term starting January 4, 2022 will run from 1/4/2022 thru 3/2/2022. See Calendar.

Course Number
 Course Name
 ELC 1
 Basic Parameters
 An introduction to different types of drawings, scales, and  measurements.
 ELC 2
 Basic Quantity Takeoff
 Learn to estimate quantities for various essential items.
 ELC 3
 Advanced  Quantity  Takeoff
 Continue to learn how to estimate quantities while learning  about site drawings, and about various technical details of sections and elevations.
 ELC 4
 Specifications Review &  Summary of Quantities
 An introduction to specifications by division, how to find construction materials online, and how to prepare summary of quantities on Microsoft Excel.

Advanced Level Courses (ALC1 and ALC2) 

The advanced level courses improve upon the foundation provided by the entry level courses. They are suggested to students who have completed the Entry Level Courses and sub-contractors who are interested in becoming general contractors. Advanced Level Courses for term starting January 4, 2022 will run from 3/3/2022 thru 3/30/2022

Course Number
Course Name
 Bid Solicitation & Trade  Evaluation
An introduction to a general contractor as how to work with sub-contractors , preparing comparative statements, pricing various trades, and preparing reports. Various applicable laws and regulation will also be covered.
 Bid Assembly & Closing
Learn how to assemble a bid for various trades based on specifications, about last minute negotiation with sub-contractors, general conditions, mark-ups, and finalizing bid price.

Computerized Takeoff

Our Computerized Takeoff course teaches students how to use advanced computer soft-wares used by construction estimators. The Computerized Takeoff Course will run from .12/2/2021 thru 12/8/2021 and later from   3/31/2022 thru 4/6/2022

Course Number
 Course Name
 Computerized Takeoff
 Learn how to use the On Screen Takeoff/On Center Takeoff or Plan-Swift

Business Development Course

Our business development course is designed for small business companies looking to expand. We meet one-on-one with our students and help them develop a tailored plan to achieve their goals and visions. The Business Development Course will run from 12/9/2021 thru 12/16/2021and later from 4/7/2022 to 4/14/2022.Besides legal advice this will also cover Procore, Share-File and Construction Scheduling.

Course Number
 Course Name
 Business Development
  Learn how to grow your current construction business from  construciton business  leaders.